Testing asynchronous GWT-RPC services

Continuing the theme of testing with gwtmockito, I’d like to show you a neat class that’s bundled with gwtmockito that allows for easy mocking of GWT-RPC asynchronous services. The class I’m talking about is AsyncAnswers. It’s meant to be used with the doAnswer stubber. Supposing we have a LoginServiceAsync class: public interface LoginServiceAsync { void … Continue reading Testing asynchronous GWT-RPC services

Testing gwteventbinder with gwtmockito

gwteventbinder and gwtmockito are great projects that are esential if you’re writing applications in Google Web Toolkit/GWT. So it was a surprise to me that they don’t play together well “out of the box”. See, the problem is that gwtmockito injects it’s own (safe, not using any code that requires running a browser) mocks when … Continue reading Testing gwteventbinder with gwtmockito